Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Procedure

Gabe went to the cath lab yesterday and things didn't go quite as well as planned. It turns out that his pulmonary artery is maybe shrinking? We know that it was larger several months ago and they thought it was 1mm and the plan was to put in a stent. It is only narrowing in the area where they reconnected the pulmonary artery. When they got in there, it measured only 0.6mm therefore, they weren't able to put a stent in. They ballooned it three times and got it to 2mm. Which means that we will be going back in about 3 months to try again. This has been hard for me and my Type A personality. I have to accept that this is more of a process and it is going to take time. This is a quick post, but I already feel that if I dwell on the bad news much more, I will start wallowing. Gabe is so healthy otherwise. The docs say that the heart function is great. So all in all, things are going ok. I will post more later. Thanks for the thoughts.

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